Please note that the postcode checker is less accurate than the telephone number checker because it uses a best guess of where you live based on the centre point of the postcode area entered. BT's ability to provide Broadband to your address will depend on the availability of Broadband ADSL at your serving exchange and other factors including the length of the line connecting you to that exchange.

Several postcode areas extend over more than one telephone exchange area, therefore the checker data will only be correct if it has correctly assumed which telephone exchange provides service to your address.

In addition, the postcode checker may not give an accurate estimate of the routing of the telephone cable that is connected to your address, therefore the result given by the postcode checker must be treated with caution.

Postcode only checks will not return any result for Fibre services (FTTP, FTTC:VDSL and
Please use the address or telephone number checker.